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Let’s buddy up

Hello. I’m the FX Trading Buddy*. I’m a foreign exchange trader – that’s forex or FX for short – and I’ve put together a one-of-a-kind training package that’ll teach you simple, proven strategies and powerful risk management techniques so you can begin trading independently and profitably, fast. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to spend money to start making it.


Instead, just ask me to get free instant access to my trading starter kit. You’ll find:

•    A handy getting started e-book
•    More than 30 easy-to-follow tutorial videos
•    A full trading manual that will help fast-track you on the journey from novice to ninja.

*But you can call me Dan.

Trade on the Go


Once you’ve found your feet, keep up to date with daily bulletins, delivered straight to your Android or Apple smartphone for just £1.00 a day.


Take advantage of our 14 day free trial


I’ll steer you through the day’s likely trading opportunities, warn you off any risky deals and offer a friendly, helping hand as – day by day – you develop your own skills as a profitable, independent trader.




Each Day you’ll receive


The FX Trading Buddy’s scene-setting Morning Report with up-to-date analysis of the currency markets


Our unique Risk Calculator so you can adjust your own level of risk and always stay in control


The FX Trading Buddy’s 121 twice-daily News Service which delivers key information on how the market’s moving


The occasional lightning bolt – I’ll ping you if I see a trade that’s just too good to miss


Your free 14 day trial is just a click away

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Please note the app is called Forex 121 Trader for now

1-2-1 Trading Tuition Day



Everyone learns in different ways and for some, the videos, e-book, manual and app don’t quite hit the spot. If that’s the case, why not book a day of personalised face-to-face tuition down here with me in sunny Brighton?


I’ll introduce you to the basics of trading, teach you some of the strategies I use in my own work, and after that we’ll buddy up and do some trading together under live conditions. It’s good fun and a fantastic way to learn the ropes.


Email me now to book your tailored training day

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Who is the FX Trading Buddy?



Dan Armitage. He leads a group of successful traders in the seaside city of Brighton and is dedicated to helping people make consistent profits from the currency markets by bringing clarity (and good humour) to a notoriously complex subject. Says Dan:


“Trading’s more than a career – it’s a lifestyle choice. Working for an hour a day leaves you more time for yourself and your family. It liberates you to live your life”


Dan earned his financial stripes as part of the ING/Bank Brussels Lambert trading team in London working in the Bond and Cash market before switching to the currency options desk; he did stints in Hong Kong and Gibraltar before settling here in Brighton to raise his family. And compete in Ironman triathlons. No, seriously.


Client Testimonials


Julia Gold, UK


I’ve have to say I don’t feel at all like a stranger but already part of a great (winning!) team of like-minded people. If I were to say anything about the learning path, it’s this: invest in yourself early on and find a great mentor like this company.…Continue reading



Tommy Horner, UK


I just wanted to say how delighted I am with Forex 121 and mentor-ship with Dan. Having started trading with a demo account in May and consistently making profits, I finally opened my real cash account at the start of July. Since then…Continue reading



Caroline Peers, UK


I am a busy Mum and partner in two businesses and I needed a method that could fit around my life – or not trade at all. Finding the right teachers to help you stick to the rules is half the battle, as is supportive peer group…Continue reading



Stefan Millenstead, Australia


Dans’ strategies are easy to follow, and extremely well explained. His weekly Forex121 school webinars ensure that you continue to grow as a trader, both with understanding the strategies and the mindset involved to be successful…Continue reading